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Sticker Labeling Machine


Top Sticker Labeling Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan

Chuan Hing Machinery Co., Limited, is a leading sticker labeling machine manufacturer in Taiwan. We are one of the oldest manufacturers of labeling equipment in the Taiwanese packing industry. We have worked tirelessly for over four decades. We believe in letting success make noise.

Chuang Hing was established way back in 1977 as sticker labeling machine manufacturer. Since then, we have never looked back and polished our skills and got plenty of valuable experience. Our sticker tagging machines are a fully automated equipment developed to handle maximum sticker applications.

Labeling machines are used in a variety of industries. The industrial sectors in which our machines used include FMCG, durable consumer industries, pharmaceutical sectors, and different other packaging industries. Fully automated with advanced features, Chuang Hing’s labeling machines make your packing job comfortable, secure, hygienic, clean, and professional. The packing work is completed with a preset period and with excellent precision. As a proficient sticker labeling machine manufacturer, you can pick and choose too from a range of letters and labels for customizing your operations.

Top Notch Sticker labeling Machine Manufacturer

We manufacture sticker machines that require minimal human interference. Some of the key features that we provide include a Control system composed of the sensing devices and the latest microprocessors that make the precise operation of the equipment is smooth. The accuracy of our sticker labeling equipment makes them best suited for delicate pharmaceutical bottles, and it can get a speed up to a minimum of 200 bottles per minute.

Our system of label detection length is one of a kind innovation that has helped sticker labeling equipment manufacturers to achieve continuous processing in the absence of manual feeding. The system of logic controls has memory tools that store label information and retrieved whenever the label is being used. If you are a company in FMCG sector, you definitely will need a high-class sticker labeling machine manufacturer, just like Chuang Hing.

Chuan Hing’s sticker labeling machinery provides a label accuracy of less than 1mm. It has a built-in logic control unit for storing and retrieving production data on the machine. Our sticker labeling equipment is equipped with advanced motors acquired from reputed manufacturers from around the globe. Our labeling machine can produce up to a minimum of 300 labels per 60 seconds. It is also robust and firm in the construction of eliminating any vibration and enhancing accuracy during operation.

With our sticker tagging machine, there is a minimal occurrence of downtime when changing between tags of different sizes. Their velocity of label dispenser, conveyor, and the pressing device are efficient and well-synchronized. Our sticker machine requires less maintenance, and it is easy to adjust the dimensions concerning different label sizes during the process.

Sticker labeling machines consist of a label dispensing system that is supported with an advanced and latest microprocessor. The device also holds an advanced sensing system for products and labels. This latest technology-based labeling equipment is able to annex varying units per minute. The labeling machine is made up of a stainless steel body and is compact.

Our sticker labeling devices are user-friendly for products and labels. We provide a full range of labeling machines. The majority of our products can handle numerous kinds of containers as well as different types of surfaces.

As a prominent sticker labeling machine manufacturer based in Taiwan, we acquire top-notch raw materials to assemble high-class machines. We have a vigilant quality assurance procedure that starts from work-in-progress monitoring to checking of the finished product. Our labeling machinery is produced to last extreme conditions.

We have a vigilant quality control department that starts from work-in-progress monitoring to checking of the finished product. So, if you are in need of a high-quality and reliable labeling supplier of sticker labeling machine, Chuang Hing is the best choice for you.

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