PML-700 label counter
July 19, 2019
PML-310+610 multifunctional top and lateral side labeling machine
July 19, 2019
PML-710 high-speed label counter

Features:1.In quality and aesthetic stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy materials, the machine
is sturdily built, clean and conformed to GMP specifications.
2.EasyView color HMI touch-screen operation.
3.Label driving in Japanese-made Yaskawa servo motor.
4.Can be preset with label quantity; automatic shutdown when the quantity is due and label
count display on HMI, or directly display of label quantity per roll; double counting and
rewinding actions by counting from disc A to disc B, and from disc B to disc A.
5.Can be preset with label quantity; automatic shutdown when the quantity is due and label
count display.
6.Two sets of drivers; labels can be rewoud to its original position after counting and
perform a recount to ensure that the label count is consistent with the previous one; and
inter-inspection with two sets of electric eyes to ensure correct label counting.
7.Two-stage label counting alarm; an initial alarm when the labels are about to used up and
perform slow counting (no shutdown), and a secondary alarm when the labels have been used up
and machine shutdown.
8.In preset label counting, after counting one roll of labels and prior to reaching the preset
number, the counter will first perform slow counting before machine shutdown to allow the
operator to manually connect the label roll with a label connecting device before continuing
the counting operation.
9.Data transmission and printing functions: To print title, date, time, label name, preset
label quantity, actual label count, omitted label count, operator name and other information.
The HMI is able to display current alarm and past alarms, and past label counts. The counting
data can be stored in a USB flash drive in Excel file, and a copy wil also be stored in USB
flash drive while printing.
10.High-speed counting of 80~100m/min; the speed can be adjusted within a restricted range
depending on requirement; and the machine will operate at a low speed automatically when the
preset label quantity is about to due or there is no more stock to favor counting operation.
11.Automatic machine shutdown when there is no label stock.
Applicable scope:
PML-710 label counter features high-speed automatic self-adhesive label counting function. It is widely used in GMP-approved phamaceutical factories due to its large inventory capacity of counter to enhance effective circulation control.
Machine dimensions800 x 600 x 1500mm (L x W x H)
Machine weight120 kg
Label roll sizeMax. outer ø 300mm, paper core inner ø 76mm
Power ratingSingle-phase220V 50 / 60 HZ
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