PML-360 special online blister tray top labeling machine
July 19, 2019
Customized installation machine
July 19, 2019

Applicable scope:
Continuous placing absorbent pads into plastic pressure thermoformed blister trays.
1.High Quality and aesthetic machine design in stainless steel
and anodized aluminum alloy materials.
2.EASYVIEW 10 inch Color Human Interface Touch Screen operation.
3.Padding、Blisters driving by Japanese Made Yaskawa Servo Motor equipped
With Reducer Machine made in Italy.
4.Mitsubishi Programmable PLC Control System and deployment with Keyence、
Omron Photo Sensor.
5.High speed Robotic Arm With 4 Grippers continuous feeding product
mechanism to improve productivity.
6.High Speed Absorbent Material Cut and Feed Mechanism run & controlled
by Servo System,all pads are placed and fixed with military precision.
7.Padding Accuracy : ± 3 mm.
8.Padding Speed :1.66~2.2 Containers/Min.
9.Padding position can be adjusted by hand-wheel or HMI panel.
10.Automatic continuous collecting fixed quantity of products mechanism run
and controlled by servo system.

Machine dimensions(L) 8000*(W)1100*(H)2000(m/m)
Machine weight2000kg
Blister Size : Max(L)200*(W)300*(H)40(m/m);Min.:(L)120*(W)250*(H)35(m/m)
Absorbent Pads SizeMax.:(L) 140*(W) 100(m/m);Min.:(L)78*(W)78(m/m)
Absorbent Pads Roll SizeMax. Outer ø 600mm, Paper Core Inner ø 76mm (I/Roll 3”)
Power Supply3φ、220V、10000W
Dry Compressed Air7~8 kg/cm²
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