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Manual Labeling Machine vs Automatic Labeler Machine
February 27, 2020
Automatic Labeler
Four Tips to Enhance your Product Labels
May 19, 2020
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As the names suggest that an automatic label machine will be faster compared to the semi-automatic label machine. The differences go far beyond speed. Choosing the right machine from the right labeling machine supplier is a matter of matching up the machine design to the:

  • Types of labels you use,
  • The types of packages you want to label, and
  • The speed of your production line.

-Difference between Semi-Automatic and Automatic Labeling Machines

Both kinds of machines automate the usage of label application. The key difference between them is how they are loaded and operated.

Self-automatic applicators apply labels on holders that are as of now arranged. The machine can be hand-stacked for little product clusters or coordinated into your current creation line for quick labeling. The name is applied when activated by a switch operated by an employee or an associated machine.

Automatic labeling equipment manufacturer have a framework to position the holder before applying the mark. Once set up, the name is applied. Some programmed name instruments can likewise reposition the container on different occasions to apply numerous labels.

So finally, choosing the correct machine is a matter of balancing initial costs with operating costs and considering flexibility, as needed.

Flexibility of Packaging

Self-automatic label machines are quite often compelled to one sort of compartment; regardless of whether it’s round, oval or rectangular. There are even models accessible for explicit compartments, similar to wine bottles, e-fluid jugs, corrective holders and standard transportation boxes. The more specialized the machine is, the less time it will take to set up. However, this can limit the flexibility of your production line.

Programmed marking frameworks are accessible to oblige a scope of items, letting you change container sizes (and even shapes) on the production line. However, it will take some effort to arrange the machine for each sort of compartment and label.

High-end equipment utilizes electronically controlled adjustments. As the machine is calibrated for a single type of container and label, the settings can be retrieved and saved, as required.

Choices for Multiple Labels

A semi-automatic labeling equipment is intended to apply only one name. In any case, it’s conceivable to apply various marks with some astute spool design. By substituting front and back names on the spool, the worker can run every compartment through the machine twice, once on each side. Lamentably, the additional positioning enhances the pace of labeling mistakes. Any sort of name can be utilized as long as it fits the machine and uses the glue it’s designed for.

These labeling machines depend upon sensors, which detect the label position to apply even application. Light sensors function for most paper, foil, and plastic labels. However, they cannot receive a reading on clear labels.


Speed is less significant than you would expect while picking between these two designs. Semi-automatic labeling machines are accessible that can work at speeds as meager as 15 holders for every moment, as are automatic labeling machines.

Some semi-automatic labelers can reach speeds of 1800 labels per hour. However, actual application rates will vary depending on container and label sizes.

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